Rides in a carriage in Kissamos

Discover the beauties of Kissamos town in the most romantic way!

Enjoy a ride in the carriage in Kissamos and let the summer breeze enchant you ..
The driver of the carriage, Nikos, will take you on the most beautiful route on the most popular streets of the town. The horse, always with the care of Nikos is properly trained to provide you with a beautiful and pleasant ride.
The carriage is also ideal for your special events, like your wedding, your baby’s christening and any other moment you want to make even more special!

The route

The route starts from Tzanakaki square in the center of Kissamos.

We proceed east from the paved road that leads to the temple of Agios Spyridon.

Then we pass outside the town hall and the circular square.
We head north to the beach. At the end of the road you find the Kissamos stadium.

We continue west parallel to the coast of Kissamos Bay. We pass in front of the most popular cafes and restaurants and end up by the river.

Then we end up at Agamemnonos and Lionaki streets. After passing the old market ok Kissamos, we end up again in Tzanakaki Square.

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Nikos Lefakis
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